Today’s Divine Reflection:

We are who we want to be. So if who you are doesn’t match your vision of yourself, choose higher and be willing to do the work to get there. ~Beth Herndobler

During these strange and wondrous times of intense challenge to all the 3D systems and structures of old, this time of break down, it is time to align with your highest truth and to trust your inner voice. Choose to share only that which you have personal experience with not what you hear or see on social media. In this way, your voice will be become that of clarity not speculation. While we are moving through these extraordinary, unprecedented times, consciously choose higher ~ choose to keep your focus on the infinitely expansive, higher vibrational, positive outcome on the other end where the break down becomes the break through.

I personally have been shown what is coming though the Earth’s ascension. I have also been told that there is no definitive timeline yet as we all have free will and it is this will of 3D humanity that ultimately chooses the path and timeline for this shift. It is our task, those in this Tribe and reading this message, and light~workers everywhere, not to judge what others choose to focus on, to follow, question, discuss or believe. Rather it is our task to focus on the mission of bringing in and holding the space for more light thereby being of service in our own and Mother Earth’s ascension.

No matter how challenging, chaotic and crazy things have been and may continue to be, each one of us is made manifest in the light when we anchor the light. Remember last month on 4/4 when globally hundreds of thousands of light workers joined together to hold space and anchor in the light ~ as a result of that collective gathering, there has been an ever greater integration of high vibrational energy so that amidst the pandemic there is also a space available that is more calm, centered, grounded, loving and at ease on the collective level. This is a direct reflection of our joint effort to activate ourselves through the laws of unity consciousness.

On the flip-side, it is a natural 3D human impulse to ferret out and uncover the dark and hidden, to expose each lie and the liars. Be mindful though (as I AM given my nearly 30 years as a lawyer whose job was to do precisely this), that following the behavior and activity of darkness limits your vibrational power to bring in more light ~ you cannot focus on both the light and the dark at the same time. As always and again, I urge you to use discernment and choose higher ~ choose the light, choose love.

Choosing higher at this time, choosing to assist and be of service as Mother Earth and all living beings shift fully into 5D consciousness, means spending more time sending love, light and blessings to all humanity, and holding the space in your heart for sending love to all. Choose to focus on and resonate with the light with such fearless, courageous and steadfast alignment and commitment that you release and let go of the need to be updated on all the activities going on behind the scenes, the conspiracy theories and what the dark side is doing. Be mindful as you decide where you stand on all of this that what I AM suggesting is that you align yourself with the first of the three waves of ascension not with the third, where we find those avoiding reality with addiction to substances, technology, shopping, sex, adrenaline and so on. Nor with the second that longs for truth, light, love and peace through battling against the creators and defenders of the patriarchal system, those that lie, cheat and steal to amass great fortunes and maintain power over others in the most unjust ways imaginable. To be sure, we need sacred activists but that is not what is generally in the second wave. Rather, I suggest you align in the first wave where we enter the new 5D earth plane through holding the space of the light and anchoring in the light of oneness and unity consciousness no matter the appearance of the outer conditions nor how divided or devastated the world may be. To choose to flow in the first wave allows you to have the experience of being in a parallel reality where all that so very many are fighting for, already exists. From that experience, you avail yourself of an even greater, stronger connection to the light where you can do exponentially more good sharing that light.

Choose higher my magnificent Tribe. And reach out if you need support. I AM as always here for you.

Much great love,