Phoenix Rising Activation


27 Minute MP3 Activation



  • Do you feel a deep connection to Mother Earth, the trees and the elementals? Do you sense that you are an energy healer but have yet to tap into your healing gifts fully?
  • Do you seek a deepening of your ability to use these gifts and these connections to help the healing of the earth?
  • Do you feel there is more for you to be, do, have and create?

If so then this Activation is for you. In this energetically infused 27 minute activation you can expect to open to what more there is for you to do with your special gifts and gain greater clarity, connection to and facility with these gifts. Open to the next layer and level of your purpose work and to your Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Mother Earth and the Angel of the Phoenix Rising with repeated use of this Activation. Receive needed guidance and information and connect directly with these divine beings yourself.

Experience the flame of the Angel of the Phoenix Rising supporting you in clearing and releasing, letting go of that which no longer serves. Experience rising from the ashes of the old and into what more is possible for you. The Phoenix is a mythological bird that recycles and regenerates its own life. When it perceives its impending death, the phoenix ignites itself into a magnificent fire. In time, it reemerges from its own ashes – reborn, renewed, and very much alive.

This is the experience that is available to you in this Phoenix Rising Activation.