Integrative Soul Technology (IST) is Archetypal Science, a process through which we identify the personas within us that drive our behavior in ways that are not in alignment with how we aim to live and what we seek to create in our life. The central idea of the IST process is that the Lower Self contains an infinite number of personas each offering a reactionary perspective that is disempowering. When we are challenged, these personas compete to be heard and to act out in ways that interfere with our conscious ability to act in our best and highest interest. The IST process is quick and effective because it addresses the body, mind and spirit as one unit rather than distinct and separate levels.


Christel Hughes, C.Ht. created the IST process through a blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Guided Visualization, Timeline Therapy, Gestalt Methods, Dissociative Technique  and Therapeutic Imagery. She received the Divine guidance for IST over a period of four years. From that guidance and all her training and expertise, Christel created this simple, gentle, transformative process.  Working with the IST process allows you to shift and clear blocks in your body and mind that are no longer serving you.  Through this cutting edge technology of transformation, you take back your power. There is no faster way to shift your consciousness and step into living your life on purpose.