Hello my miraculous friends!

Are you having the experience of the energy intensifying and accelerating? To me 2018 began at a nice leisurely almost slow pace and now as we are closing in on the end of the year I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Lots of ups and downs, shifts, changes and openings – and an ever present great calling to surrender and release.

There is a general collective prompting that it is time to step up. This is accompanied by a somewhat new and challenging yet synchronistic break-down-to-break-through energy. This is the natural process as the new higher dimensional energies that support our unfolding into higher vibrational ways of expressing ourselves, of being and of moving through life move in on the earth, are moving into the planet. All is happening in Divine timing as we are being called to awaken RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Pay attention to your inner thoughts, feelings, longings, promptings, urgings and reactions as the old that needs to be released, especially at those deeper more hidden layers, is stirred up and activated by external events, challenges and circumstances.

You may find yourself getting triggered in ways that you thought you were long done with. I know I have (especially in reaction to the response from Washington to the massive fires, devastation and destruction here in California, i.e. politics/power/money over people and all living beings – man I thought I had that One under control!). There are always deeper layers to cleanse, clear and transform so accept these promptings and the challenges they bring with gratitude for the offering to create space that they are. As you move through this process, remember the truth of who you are and that you are not alone. You are divinely supported. And I have your back as well.

2018 is an intensely spiritual year asking us to let go of what no longer serves so as to open to greater abundance of that which does. 2018 is also a gateway year for the balancing of masculine and feminine energies and an opening to the Divine and Sacred Feminine. This energy is calling us to flow more from the heart as well as to heal, take greater-care of ourselves, to be more compassionate to self and others and to allow in the divine grace light that moves us to flow with ease. Every living being on the planet is being called to bring in, honor, expand and flow the Divine Feminine so we really are all in this together even if the outer circumstances don’t reflect that. Remember always that in balancing the masculine and feminine energies, the heart leads and the mind serves.

To support you in this I offer you the Prayer of Protection by James Dillett Freeman:

The Light of God surrounds us;

The Love of God enfolds us;

The Power of God protects us;

The Presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, God is.

And as you do this work to surrender and release, the Monthly Energy Healing Call is a most excellent and affordable tool to support you in letting do of what doesn’t serve and flowing in a balanced centered state of neutrality. If this group energy healing work, to clear and release and to up-level your frequency, speaks to you, you can sign up for the December Monthly Energy Healing Call here

All is and will be well.

Peace and richest blessings,