Hey there!

As this summer season begins to wind down and we ready ourselves for the shifts and changes that autumn brings, I have found myself reflecting on seasonal change and some of the best summers of my life. The endless forever summer when I was 14 comes to mind ~ when we lived 2 blocks from the 67th Street Beach in Chicago where my friends and I used to go to watch the sun rise (how it was that a group of teenagers had the freedom and self-directed authority to stay up all night and walk to the lake regularly at 5:30am to see the sunrise is part of the magic of that summer and a story for another day!). Or the summer of 1989, just after the birth of my younger daughter when I was on maternity leave and got to stay home in a cocoon of perfection where I was fully paid to be home, had no scheduling worries and was able to stop the outer world and to focus all of my time and attention on the baby and her big sister ~ ahhh the many lazy, hazy days by the pool that we shared with the kids who lived downstairs from us – sheer heaven! And then there’s this summer where I have been so busy with work ~ teaching master classes, doing private sessions, going live and spreading the love and guidance on Facebook, speaking to various groups, being interviewed on various shows, writing and enjoying a very robust summer concert season.

I AM grateful beyond measure to be sure, joyful, honored and delighted to support so many folks in stepping more fully into the truth and light of who they are, to living their lives on purpose. And yet a “working” summer such as this has been, is a very different summer from those other memorable ones. This observation, that 3 radically different summer experiences would be equally memorable for me, led me to a conversation with my guides as to the common thread weaving its way through all these perfect yet very different summers. It was brought to my attention that the common thread in each experience was being fully in the now moment and resting completely in divine timing. I did not think of or drag the past into these memorable summers nor did I lean into the future. Rather I allowed each of these summers to be what they were with me fully immersed in the BEING.

In this now moment, being present, centered, grounded and aware that we only need to drop our resistance and our need to control in order to allow the Universe to support us in all we are here to be, do, have and create, is where we access our full power and might. In this now moment, trusting in the divine perfection of all things related to the seasonal changes and timing of everything whether within our own lives or those Mother Earth directs, we access the experience of the endless summer no matter what month or season we are in.

Using your breath is a powerful tool to support you in staying present. Meditation and prayer are essential to allowing the divine timing of things, especially when that timing doesn’t dovetail with the mental mind chatter of what “should” be happening when. Visualizing, affirming and calling in the experience of that which you seek supports the graceful fulfillment of your purpose in this life. Laughter, fun, adventure, music, dance, sharing a good movie with a loved one (or chatting briefly about the picture with the other person who, like you, came to see the movie alone which I so love to do ~ to be with my own experience of the movie!), all of this up-levels your vibration and is essential to flowing in divine timing.  Allow yourself to purposefully engage in these practices (especially laughter and fun!) in order to stay present and open to divine timing as you move through the shifts and changes that are a natural part of life. Allow yourself to relax into the present moment knowing that no matter what the outer conditions suggest, all is and will be well. Breathe into that right here right now (especially if you don’t presently believe it).

I leave you with this my bountiful beautiful Tribe, everything is happening in divine timing so be patient. We do not know what is next but we can trust the Universe does. Your job is simply to stay connected, to hear the messages the Universe has for you and then take the guided action to bring that forth. And remember, everyone is on their own journey. Be sure you are on your own and not anyone else’s.

Wherever you are in these last days of summer, whatever you are moving through, BE in that and allow.

Sending you much great love, light, ease, grace and peace,