Today’s Divine Reflection:
Everyone’s purpose is to live from their light in connection to and in co-creation with the Universe. How you express that, what your Divine gifts and talents are, is unique to each and every one of you. What you offer has never been done before and there are legions of people waiting for you to step up and do it. So get on with expressing your light and your magnificence ~ it is time!
~Beth Herndobler
Hello my Amazing Tribe,

Today is the 11~11 Gateway. This Gateway is a portal to a collective, high-vibrational frequency to assist the evolution of consciousness on the Earth. The new Light frequencies enable this 11~11 Gateway to open so that you can return to your original divine blueprint, the truth and light of you, in Oneness with All That Is.

So I thought I would share some inspiration for you to tap into this bountiful, beautiful, propitious 11~11 Gateway. According to Numerology, number 1 is a master number that carries the energy of new beginnings, initiation, creativity that flows to us through new ideas and inspiration. Doubling the Number 1, as in the number 11, exponentially enhances and expands the power of the energy of the number 1. And when you double the double, as on this day, you are supercharging that power.

Accept this invitation and take advantage of this spectacular energy to return to the truth of you. Know too that these energies and this portal also activates our divine feminine and she is calling us to divine love that returns us home to ourselves. Breathe that in.

So what does that look like to take advantage of this amazing portal and expansive energy? Any ritual of light serves. Connecting with nature. Meditation. For me, in honor of the powerful, expansive invitation of today’s 11:11 Gateway, and all of the other celestial events occurring at this time, I woke up super early and did a long meditation to tap into today’s clearing, releasing energy noticing where there was density lurking anywhere within in my subconscious that needed releasing. Reflect upon what comes up and forgive where needed ~ forgive both yourself and others. Remember, and apply as needed, the Ho’Oponopono Forgiveness and Reconciliation Prayer ~ I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks. I love you.. Open to the powerful clearings available today on this 11:11 Gateway and trust that the letting go is well worth any momentary discomfort in the process of discerning what needs to go.

Afterwards, to uplift and restore, I suggest the 11:11 Fibonacci Spiral Clearing and Activation recorded on the 11:11 Gateway in 2018. I AM sharing that now with you as my 11:11 gift to you! After all this letting go and luscious up-leveling, I AM flowing and feel so lovely right now. Going to head out shortly for some time in nature with the trees to continue the Gateway journey. I encourage you to do the same!