March is an energetically supercharged month. The astrological aspects flowing in March call us to close chapters and cycles that are complete and to let go making it a perfect time to recalibrate and uplevel our frequency in the expansive energies of the Spring Equinox on March 20th and the New Moon on March 21st.
These energies also invite a shift in perspectives, a reality check if you will, and getting clear on what more is yours to be, do, have and create in this incarnation. We can be very sensitive to this deep, reflective, truthful, transparent work as it opens and taps into very tender spots as we bravely embrace situations, spaces and places that we’ve never experienced before and may never have imagined. These energies call for a surrender into the unknown, to surrender to what more is calling to you, to what more is possible and what new beginnings are beckoning you forward.
Many astrologers see this month of March as the most pivotal month of the whole of 2023 because there are 7 conjunctions this month where in the average month we have 1 maybe 2 so the energy of March is very strong and has tremendous momentum for forward movement. March 2023 is one of those rare moments in time that we remember and come back to time and again. Major seeds are being planted this month, seeds of New Beginnings. So whether or not something discernable, observable and concrete transpires this month in your life – trust and know that this is occurring under the surface and whole new chapters are emerging in your life as old chapters are being closed and deleted.
Add in the energy of the Spring Equinox and the New Moon and we are presented with a tremendous opportunity to release what no longer serves to create space to receive that which does. The Spring equinox – also called the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere – marks the beginning of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere. During this Equinox, the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds thins and a portal opens from our hearts to connect us to our Oneness with Source and our own Divinity. The Universe gives us the opportunity to step into illuminated states of Freedom, Joy & Bliss. During the Equinox, the Earth’s pulse quickens and her magnetic field decreases, allowing for humanity’s individual and collective heart toric fields (think of the shape of a contact lens improving your sight) to expand. This creates the opportunity for a quantum leap of all life forms and living beings into the next phase of evolution. Coupled with the New Moon energy, that of a zero set point that wipes the slate clean, this New Moon is the perfect time to start something new, to gain clarity on what more is yours to do and to bring fresh energy into our life.
Begin now to set your intentions and we will activate them in this Spring Equinox~New Moon Live Event on March 20, 2023, at 11:00am pacific time. We will play in these powerful frequencies as we celebrate what more is possible for us individually and as a collective. The synchronicity of these two powerful events, gifts us the opportunity to move higher in the Light and to draw in the Divine Momentum of the many blessings available to us in this energetically supercharged, mystical month that is March.
Peace and richest blessings,