Whirling Dervish Activation of the 8 Original Cells of Creation


MP3 Audio Activation
38 Minutes
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The Whirling Dervish Ritual Dance is a powerful moving meditation that liberates body and mind, allowing you to freely experience yourself as One with Source and with All That Is, with your IAM presence.

In this powerful and expansive Activation, you can expect to have the experience of infusing this energy into your primordial cells, your original 8 cells of life, those being the first 8 cells that are formed after fusion of the Egg & Sperm. The 8 cells of creation subsequently continued this cellular replication and created YOU! These 8 original cells, are positioned in-between the base of your spine or Root Chakra & the Sacral Chakra. The 8 original cells are maintained throughout your lifetime by way of the holographic field of your Aura or Crystalline Matrix.

Sacred Geometry is at the root of both the Whirling Dervish Dance Ritual and the 8 original cells of creation. Sacred geometry is the Universal Language of Creation. In this Activation you will have a naturally expanding experience into what more is possible for you through this Universal Language of Creation that communicates the Universal Truths of an infinitely expanding quantum field. This field includes your consciousness, your thoughts, as you help to form or create this field and therefore your own reality, and of the entirety of your physical experience here on Earth. This is why you owe it to yourself to do this work to Activate your experience to the higher levels of light and energetic frequencies now available on Earth. In this Activation, you will travel to the 8th Dimension where the 8 cells will be aligned and attuned with 8 dervishes. This is a spectacular Activation so give yourself 38 minutes to tap into the magnificent sacred power of this sacred work in all these levels and you will surely be transformed!

This latest addition to Beth’s Activations, is now available to you as an MP3 for $44 USC.

Note: While no guarantees can be made of each individual’s experience and results (your experience in use of this Activation depends upon your willingness to release what doesn’t serve and open to what more is available to you), repeated use of this Activation can help you reset your frequency to flow as One with Source and in the frequency of abundance with ease and grace.