Activation of the Truth and Light of YOU!


23 Minute Audio MP3 Download



In this 23 minute Activation, you can have the experience of being opened and empowered to see yourself as the magnificent Divine Being you are and to communicate with the Universe and all of the Divine with greater ease and grace. Connect with the New Consciousness Grid as you align with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Angels to come into harmonious balance. Travel to the 5th Dimension where you will be supported in releasing all dissonant energy that opposes prosperity and abundance and the experience of all that you seek in this life as you receive a heartlight activation from your Divine Team. This is a powerful Activation for anyone who is ready to open and receive more good than you can possibly imagine.

Note: While no guarantees can be made of each individuals experience and results (your experience in use of this Activation depends upon your willingness to release what doesn’t serve and open to what more is available to you), repeated use of this Activation can help you reset your frequency to open to the Truth and Light of You and to flow at the level of abundance.