8 Essential Activations Package


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The 8 Essential Activations included:

Fibonacci Spiral Activation (20 Minutes)

Archangels Gabriel and Michael downloaded this 20 minute activation to me. It’s quite potent & powerful, yet ever so simple to use. This Activation aids in resetting your abundance frequency with ease and grace. All you do is allow yourself 20 minutes in a quiet comfortable space along with the willingness to surrender, release, open and shift. The Fibonacci Activation does the rest.

Activation to Connect with Source (23 Minutes)

In this Heart Light ~ New Moon Activation, you will connect with Source and flow Divine Heart Light in, through and as your own Heart Light to empower, activate and freely shine your light.

This activation allows you to increase the potency of your heart light for your own expansion as well as to tap into your ability to flow light out into the world for healing much needed at this time. It also affords you the experience of extending heart light to a specific individual or situation, without giving away any of your own light or energy. As with all of these activations it is energetically infused. Gift yourself 23 minutes to expand, open and flow you Heart Light.

Activation for Peace, Love and Harmony (26 Minutes)

Do you find yourself moving into overwhelm given the stress and chaos of your experience as a physical being in the 3D realm? Are you overwhelmed by the circumstances, violence and chaos expressing in the world at large? If so, this energetically infused activation is for you.

In just 26 minutes, you can release that overwhelm and easily and effortlessly tap into the vibration of peace, love and harmony. It is from this expanded state of flow where all you are meant to be, do, have and create is manifested with ease and grace. This Activation brings you into a state of oneness with your Higher Self and the expansive, empowering frequency of flow.

Crossing the Bridge to Your Purpose Work (25 Minutes)

Are you ready to move from your day job to your purpose work, the creative work that lies within your heart and yearns to be expressed? Do you need a bridge from your day job to that purpose work so that the transition is made with ease and grace? Working with this energetically infused activation will give you the experience of flowing in the frequency where your Higher Self, your guides and all of the Divine can support you in creating that bridge between where you currently are and where you seek to be. This 25 minute activation used regularly allows you the experience of tapping into that frequency of expanded awareness in the Quantum Field where what is yours to do to make this move is revealed to you with clarity, ease and grace.


Fibonacci Cave – Activating the Vibration of Affluence (20 Minutes)

This Activation pairs perfectly with the Fibonacci Spiral Activation. It is energetically infused with the expansive vibration of affluence so that you can tap into the frequency of abundant flow and prosperity.

Regular use of this Activation will assist you in moving beyond “just enough” to “more than enough” so that you have substantial reserves from which to give and serve. Allow yourself 20 minutes in a relaxed quiet setting to open to and flow in this energetically infused Activation of Affluence.


Activation for Successful Event, Class or Workshop (31 Minutes)

Use this activation when you are sponsoring an event, class or workshop and want to call in all those in whose highest interest it is to participate. Repeated use of this Activation will draw in and magnetize all those meant to work with you in this format.

This Activation is highly energetically infused so as to extend the vibration of your offering out into the ethers, to call in and connect you directly with all those the Divine desires to participate. This can be accomplished in just 31 minutes though repeated use expands the potency of the calling-in.


Activation for Self-Love (18 Minutes)

Loving yourself is essential to living an abundantly happy, healthy, prosperous life lived on purpose and shining the light that is you. And yet, most of us do not place priority on extending love to ourselves.

This Activation aids you in opening to the energetic vibration of self-love, to release all that opposes you loving yourself freely and openly. All that you seek begins with self-love and this 18 minute energetically infused activation will gently guide you there with ease and grace.


Activation to Open To Your Divine Gifts (20 Minutes)

Are you ready to open to what more the Universe has for you? Do you seek to uncover, reveal and tap into your Divine intuitive gifts? This 20 minute energetically infused Activation ignites and expands your Heart Light as you connect with Divine Mother and Divine Father so that you can open to your own personal intuitive gifts with ease and grace.

Empower yourself to embrace these gifts and safely, freely and confidently begin to use those gifts with the support of Divine Mother and Father.