As we move from 3D consciousness of duality and separation into 5D flow, you will experience many shifts and changes. To ride the waves of this significant shift, we, as Energy Masters, must manifest and flow in abundance.


When you learn to be an Energy Master, you gain the ability to recognize when your energy is blocked. You will notice when your limiting beliefs are sabotaging your progress in opening, awakening, and expanding.


As an Energy Master, you will also gain knowledge of the tools needed to move beyond what holds you back.


The Universe intends for you to be abundant, financially prosperous, and successful in all your creative endeavors. It wants you to have loving, mutually supportive relationships and be happy, peaceful, and free.


Beth Herndobler’s Masterclasses assist you in achieving that state of being.


Our Masterclasses have four levels:

Level 1:

Abundance Masterclass


Level 2:

Quantum Energetics and Intuitive Mastery

Level 3:

Mastering Energetic Alchemy

Level 4:

Energetic Mastermind – Shine and Receive

Level 1: Abundance Master Class


This Master Class is a 6-month program. The next cohort will begin mid-to-late January 2022.  The program will consist of two 90-minute classes per month. All classes are remote and conducted online or via a phone connection through Free Conference calls. 

One class will be a lecture and the second will be a group Q & A in our virtual Quantum Energy Lab (QEL), where we will work on your energetic needs and in getting needed guidance from your Divine Team and whatever your Higher Self wants you to realize.

You will also receive a monthly 60-minute private session with Beth, where we will work on clearing the path to you flowing with ease and grace in the frequency of abundance.

In these private sessions, we will work on your individually designed energetically infused crystalline structure, your Abundance Container (ABC). This will support you in opening up to your purpose work, receiving greater prosperity and abundance in all areas ~ health, career, relationships, and your vocation or purpose work.  You will learn how to use this ABC and how to grow it, maintain it and flow it!

This Masterclass is loaded with amazing content, energy work, and Divine guidance to support you in manifesting abundance in every area of your life. These areas include financial, career, work freedom and flexibility; health and physical well-being; love & relationships (both of self and others); and your purpose work, passion & vocation.

To be genuinely abundant, you have to have success and flow in each and every one of these areas. In this Masterclass, we will do the work, and you will gain the tools to do just that. 

The AMC is only for those serious about their expansion and ready to do the work to clear the dense shadows and open to receiving the up-leveling necessary to be gifted with and create a supportive relationship with an Abundance Container. If you believe you are ready, then we will have you fill out our application form. 

Should you accept this invitation to the Abundance Masterclass, trust and know that I AM bringing all of who I AM to lead and guide you from where you are to flowing in abundance with ease, grace, and elegance. So how does this work?

In the AMC, we become partners who discern what is moving, motivating, and keeping you stuck. Intuitive Spiritual counseling is the best learning technology, though it requires change accountability to be effective. We must change the way we think.

Science shows that there are three ways we learn:

  1. Hearing/teaching/being told – the brain throws out everything it doesn’t regard as essential based on its default programming so this is the least effective way to learn.
  2. Fear-based learning – is rigid and not adaptable. It doesn’t teach people how to be versatile, think on their feet and be willing to change. Fear is also the most significant reason people are not ready to embrace change so this is also not the best way to learn.
  3. The midbrain is where we store our stories, ideas, limiting beliefs, and paradigms. This is where fundamental transformation occurs. Working in the midbrain is the most powerful way to learn, shift, change and expand because it is there that we can clear that default patterning and create new default neural pathways.

In the AMC, the work is focused on the midbrain, where you are lovingly encouraged and supported to be willing to embrace change and transformation so that you can create space for flowing abundance with ease, grace, and elegance.

Space is limited to 12 people, and the spots fill up fast. If you are ready for more flow, greater abundance in all things, apply now and once I review your application, if you demonstrate readiness to receive the work in the AMC, I  send you more info about the course and a link to schedule a 15-minute interview to determine that we are a good fit for this course.

Your investment in yourself for this work is a one-time payment of $2100, or a monthly payment plan of $360/month is available. Other payment options can also be arranged.

Please note that to continue onto the Level Two Masterclass, you must first complete Level One. 


“Beth helped me create the most amazing Abundance Container, and within a few weeks, my abundance began to really start flowing from all directions. Her one-on-one sessions were simply wonderful because of her great ability to connect so fully with my spirit team.”

– Jeanna

“Today I took some time to review my notes from the AMC classes and my 1-on-1’s with you. A lot came through over the course of 6 months! I now know for sure that my purpose work will involve certain key elements.”

– Susan

Level 2: Quantum Energetics and Intuitive Mastery

  Only those who successfully completed the AMC are eligible. And not everyone who completes the AMC will be invited to continue the journey and go deeper into the energetics of the quantum field and mastery of your intuitive gifts ~ before admission to any level of these Master Classes, I do a scan on whether it is in our collective highest good you to participate and whether I like it or not, I do have to honor and follow the scan and the guidance as to who is ready for the QEIM! 

The structure of the QEIM generally mirrors that of the AMC. It is a six-month program that consists of 2 classes per month. There will be the QEL (Quantum Energy Lab Q & A) interactive class with mini-sessions where we will work on what your Higher Self wants you to know at that time. In the QEIM, you will have the opportunity to go deeper and receive more work in this QEL than you could do in the AMC.

There is also a lecture class that will be part teaching and part energetic work and activations (so more energy work than in the AMC that allows for a deeper divinely balanced flow of feminine and masculine energies). You will also receive a monthly 60-minute private session with me.

In this QEIM, we will do the work, and you will gain the tools to let the Universe in with ease and grace. The investment in yourself for this work is the same as in the AMC; a one-time payment of $2100 or a monthly payment plan of $360/month is available.


“Beth has awakened (and occasionally shaken) my spirit to perceive and observe more than I ever knew was possible or existing. It’s exciting to realize our newly assembled trinity is just beginning our expedition! We were certainly brought together at this moment in time for an incredible purpose 


Level 3: Mastering Energetic Alchemy


The structure of the MEA generally mirrors that of the AMC and the QEIM. As with Levels 1 and 2, the MEA is a six-month program.

The program also consists of 2 classes per month ~ the QEL interactive class with mini-sessions where we will work on whatever your Higher Self and Wise-One Team want you to know at that time about your receptivity and path to opening to energetic alchemy.

The second class remains in lecture format. At this more advanced level Master Class, there is much more energy work and activations with a smaller amount of teaching as we begin working with Sacred Geometry specifically downloaded to me for use in the MEA. 

In these lecture classes, and using these powerful sacred geometric figures, we take a much deeper dive into what more is possible for you energetically and as an alchemist – truly powerful stuff. And as before, you will also receive a monthly 60-minute private session with me.

In this MEA, we will do the work, and you will gain the tools to manifest the experience of your dreams and visions with greater ease, grace, and confidence – that’s the Way of the Energetic Alchemist. 

The investment in yourself for this work and what more is possible for you is the same as in the AMC and QEIM, a one-time payment of $2100 or a monthly payment plan of $360/month is available. Alternative financial arrangements are known as in the past. 


“Beth is there to guide and support you on your journey. If you are willing to really let yourself be vulnerable and you do the work, this can be an incredible part of your journey. She has helped me in ways that have forever changed me, and I’m deeply grateful.”

– Kerry


Level 4: Energetic Mastermind: Shine and Receive


This final level of the Master Class series has been said to be the most powerful of all as it draws upon all of what we have learned and brings you to the center stage to share who you are, what you know, and your intuitive gifts.

The structure and price of the course remain the same as the other levels of my masterclasses (a class, a QEL, and a one-on-one session each month) with one significant change; instead of a lecture, each month one of you will be featured to Shine Your Light and Share Your Wisdom. 

This may be in the form of energy work, healing, coaching, guided meditation, readings, teaching, giving a keynote speech, sharing any aspect of your training, experience, and your intuitive gifts in whatever form you choose. You may present in any way you choose, with a minimum time of 20 minutes and a maximum of an hour, so long as what you bring forth is in your highest interest and the highest interest of all.

Each month you will also be partnering with your classmates to share and prepare for your presentation and/or to practice whatever energy work, readings, coaching, etc., that you are working on. There is no set structure for these practice/partner sessions as the guidance is for you to decide and learn how best to use this time.

We will discuss your time in the Energetic Mastermind spotlight before your turn to Shine and Receive comes up, so breathe and trust. Surrender and allow.


“Beth’s Master Class Series will change you and your life for the better, forever! Beth is Masterful, Intuitive, Patient, Powerful, and Empathic. Each level in the series of 4 levels will bring you to a new level of Awareness that builds with each course.”

– S. Balestrino


“Beth is such a gifted and intuitive channel that gradually, under her guidance, I learned how to access the inner worlds for myself, and I am now blessed with an amazing Spirit Team of Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and ancestors whom I can call on for guidance, wisdom and help at any time. In addition, my intuitive gifts have expanded beyond measure.”

– Cynthia


Serious about your expansion and ready to do the work?